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Crowd Fundraising Platform


We utilize a digital platform that uses computers and mobile to open new fundraising and communication channels to enable a wide variety of organizations and non profit (501c3), including, but not limited to, sports teams and youth organizations to reach their fundraising, communication and engagement goals. Our Crowd Funding service allows clients to raise revenue from over 300 million people in the United States and touch others around the world through their social media channels. We are able to create an emotional “call to action” via TV, social media, web, mobile, video boards, radio, signage, etc. thereby connecting like-minded individuals to band together in support of a cause or goal.



  • Turn key set up platform located at 

  • Donors use social media links or SMS Text/QR Codes to access a mobile web donation page.

  • Affordable, engaging solution -- no need to download an app or create an account.

  • All organizations qualify -- no eligibility requirements.

  • No limit on dollar amount of donations (legal fundraising limits still apply).

  • Service can be set-up in approximately 3 -5 business days.

  • Organizations receive donation funds almost instantly.

  • Receipt is emailed to the donor when the donation is made.

  • Donors with or without a smartphones can utilize the service.

  • Optional recurring automatic donations.

  • Donor personal information is 100% protected.



​TRY IT NOW -- TEXT HelpRyan TO 25827  (for a live example)






























Examples of Crowd Funding Clients



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